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This is a 2 x Half Day FACE-To-FACE Workshop

The next workshop will be held at Rosewood, Bangkok on the 4th and 11th of July, 2019 from 8:30am to 12:30pm. If you require to register multiple participants, and / or require a tax-invoice for your registration, please message us your registration details at info@jcademy.com. This programme is being run in conjunction with Hotelintel.co
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Session 1

Modules Covered in This Session

  • China Marketing 101

    Framing the greater Chinese travel market and understanding how Chinese see themselves as travelers. You will gain essential knowledge of the Chinese city tier system, social score system and understand how it relates to your target audience.

  • Who? From Where? How Much?

    Based on the latest research and trends reports, learn who is traveling, what cities they are traveling from and how much they are willing to spend - and most importantly, on what they are looking to spend on.

  • Bare Essentials Chinese

    In a recent survey, over 90% of non-Chinese hotel staff could not identify their hotel name when Chinese guests were enquiring about it, nor could they tell a guest’s given name from their surname. In this module you will learn about names, your brand in Chinese, as well as how to pronounce it properly.lan

  • China Social Media Essentials

    Analyse tools and channels that Chinese travelers use to browse, choose, review and book their travels. This module goes way beyond WeChat and looks at the role of the key social media channels in China.

Session 2

Modules Covered in This Session

  • What are they Saying About You?

    Learn what the market is currently saying about your existing properties and identify areas of improvement or possible areas of engagement.

  • Targeting Your Ideal Market

    Evaluate comments and discussions that Chinese guests are engaging in online and use this information to better craft your marketing message and products available to them.

  • WeChat Marketing Essentials

    Social media marketing in China is VERY different from what people may be used to outside of China. In this module, learn how WeChat as a platform can and cannot be be used by your marketing team, as well as examine alternatives that companies use to successfully reach their target markets in China.

  • Crafting an Effective Marketing Strategy

    Given the differences and limitations of online marketing channels in China, discover how you and your brand can best craft a hybrid marketing solution to achieve your marketing goals, raising brand awareness and ensure repeat customers along with word of mouth promoting from the demographic that works best for your brand.

Pricing options

This 2xSession face to face workshop will be held at Rosewood Hotel, Bangkok : Session 1 on the 4th Jul 2019 and Session 2 on the 11th Jul 2019. The THB cost for the 2 sessions is THB10,000 per person, or THB 6,000 per session per person if attending only one session. Individual attendees can register using a credit card via the link on this page. For multiple reservations and / or bank transfer payment contact us at info@jcademy.com and we can send you a company tax invoice and provide bank transfer details. Bulk discounts available.

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