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Wire your Brain to Learn Languages

Exploiting Brain States for Enhanced Neuro Plasticity

Neuro plasticity is the ability of our nervous system to rewire and learn new behaviours, skills and cognitive functioning. Your brain has the ability to do this - whether it's learning a new language, a musical instrument or developing that solution to a problem that's going to give you an edge over your competitors ... and it can all be done without the use of so-called 'Smart drugs'. Mindkraft Language - Brain Builder I is the first in a series of 'Brain Building' programmes developed by linguist Stuart Jay Raj that is designed to not only give you a robust foundation in key languages like Chinese, Korean, Thai, Sanskrit, Vietnamese and Indonesian / Malay, but more importantly, you will develop cognitive and motor skills, muscle memory and habits that will put your learning into overdrive, helping you to develop a degree of thought fluency and set foreign language fluency goals that you may have thought previously would be out of your reach.

Course Objectives

During this 11-Week Blended Learning programme, Stuart Jay Raj will work with you to achieve the following:

  • Install the sound and writing frameworks that support the learning of Chinese, Korean, Thai, Lao, Indonesian, Malay, Khmer, Burmese and other languages that use the Indic sound framework;

  • Increase thought fluency allowing you to develop and present ideas faster in your mother tongue and in foreign languages;

  • Escape your mother tongue's sound filters and be able to hear and reproduce sounds of foreign languages in a more native-like manner;

  • Learn the sound systems and phonetic writing systems of Korean, Thai, Mandarin and Indonesian;

  • Use data and text manipulation tools and coding to collect target language learning data and develop your own powerful, customised learning resources;

  • Develop an insatiable thirst for learning;

  • Learn effective memory techniques that help increase the speed and capacity of information moved between your short term and long term memory;

  • Build an environment around you that teaches you language, and develop the fundamental skills that maximises your ability to learn from that environment and self correct;

  • Learn how to control brain states throughout the day to maximise learning;

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Mindkraft Language Brain Builder I
    • A note from the Facilitator - Stuart Jay Raj
  • 2
    Escaping our Own Brain
    • Escaping Our Brain - Overview
    • The Sound Matrix
    • Shadow Speaker
  • 3
    The First Words of Any Language
    • 12 Golden Sentences
    • What Words Should I Learn First?
  • 4
    Total Recall
    • Total Recall - Overview
    • Building a Playground for the Mind
    • The Korean Connection
  • 5
    Chinese Whispers
    • Chinese Whispers - Overview
    • Pinyin, Tones and Counting
    • Balanced Mind, Balanced Hand
  • 6
    Playing with Brain States
    • Playing with Brain States - Overview
    • Apple, Bees in a Hive, Cotton Candy, Dog's Behind - Simultaneous Morse Code and Sign Language
    • Hearing in Meanings - Words as 'Sound Chords'
  • 7
    The Shapes of Thai
    • Shapes of Thai - Introduction
    • Mix and Match - Thai vs. Khmer
    • Developing Reading Fluency in a Foreign Writing System
  • 8
    Bahasa - An Introduction to Indonesian and Malay
    • Overview - Introduction to Indonesian and Malay
    • The Sounds of Indonesian
    • Fluency Building Blocks - Indonesian and Malay
  • 9
    Data Driven Language Learning
    • Introduction to VIM and multilingual keyboards
    • Manipulating online data, and building customised, personal language learning resources.
  • 10
    Dialects and Languages
    • Overview - Dialects and Languages
    • Switching between Malay and Indonesian
    • Switching between Lao and Thai
  • 11
    Xin Chao Vietnam
    • Overview - Xin Chào Vietnam
    • Sounding Vietnamese
    • Leveraging what we already know
  • 12
    Final Presentations
    • Participant Presentations
    • Moving Forward

The Instructor

  • Stuart Jay Raj

    Stuart Jay Raj

    Jcademy Founder

    Stuart Jay Raj is an author, public speaker, cross-cultural business strategist, facilitator and linguist with fluency ranging from competent to native in over 15 languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Sanskrit, Danish and other languages predominantly across Southeast Asia. Beginning his facilitation career almost 20 years ago as a Dale Carnegie facilitator, Stuart has since established his own brand of facilitating business across Asia, fusing his cultural and linguistic knowledge with solid people skills and localised business know-how, helping both individuals and organisations to be their best wherever they are. He has developed industry specific knowledge and skills with government / non-government agencies and multinational corporations spanning across several domains - in particular Aerospace, Cyber-Security, Human-Trafficking / People Smuggling, Modern-Trade and Energy, where he works on the ground across Asia, assisting parties from both West and East with mutual interests to overcome differences and negotiate internally and externally for success. Stuart is the author of the best-selling book ‘Cracking Thai Fundamentals - Installing a Thai Operating System for your mind’, and has presented TEDx talks across the region in English and Mandarin, has hosted a TV show on Thailand’s Channel 5, trained simultaneous interpreters across the region and was for several years on the international Miss Universe Interpreting team.