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Core Course Curriculum

    1. MINDKRAFT EVERGREEN Zoom Session Links


    3. w10 Zoom Video Archive - Xin Chao Vietnam

    4. W09 VERSO Zoom Archive - Dialects and Language Shifting

    5. W08 Zoom Evergreen Archive - Data and Terminal

    6. W07 Zoom Video Archive - Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia

    7. W06 Zoom Evergreen - The Shapes of Thai

    8. W06 Zoom Verso Archive - The Shapes of Thai

    9. W05 Zoom Video Archive - Playing with Brain States

    10. W04 Zoom Video Archive - Chinese Whispers

    11. W03 Zoom Video Archive - Total Recall - Creating a Playground for the Mind

    12. W02 Zoom Video Archive - 'The First Words in Any Language'

    13. W01 Zoom Video Archive - Escaping our Own Brain

    1. A note from the Facilitator - Stuart Jay Raj

    2. What to do to Prepare for MINDKRAFT

    1. W01 Overview and Zoom Link - Escaping Our Brain

    2. W01 Part A - The Sound Matrix

    3. W01 Part B - Shadow Speaker

    4. W01 - Lesson Presentation Slides

    5. W01 Part A Revision - The Sound Matrix

    6. W01 Part B Revision - Shadow Speaker

    7. W01 - What to Prepare between Now and Session 2

    1. W02 Part A - 12 Golden Sentences

    2. W02 Part B - What Words Should I Learn First?

    3. W02 - Lesson Presentation Slides

    4. W02 Revision '12 Sentences' and 'What Words Should I learn First?'

    5. W02 Core Skills - Making Ruby Tag Bilingual Learning Resources

    1. W03 Overview - Total Recall

    2. W03 Part A - Building a Playground for the Mind

    3. W03 Part B - The Korean Connection

    1. W04 - Chinese Whispers - Overview

    2. W04 Part A - Pinyin, Tones and Counting

    3. W04 Part B - Balanced Mind, Balanced Hand

    4. W04 - Chinese Whispers Presentation Slides

    5. W04 Chinese Whispers Zoom Video

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Bonus material

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  • Mindkraft Season 2 Series - 20+ Sessions


    During each Mindkraft term, we have weekly live lessons with all participants - both for the Americas and for Australasia / Europe - the best of these sessions are uploaded to our Zoom session archives. All these sessions add to what's been learnt in the core course and dig deeper, putting it into practce.

  • Mindkraft Support Content


    I have prepared many modules that will help you pre, during and post course. As we cover relevant topics, content is continuously added to the supplementary support modules.

  • Mindkraft Discord Server


    As a Mindkraft student, you will gain full access to the Discord Learning community including the private students' channel where we discuss lessons, present new information and coach all in a very supportive learning environment.

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Support Content Included with the Main Course


Stuart Jay Raj

Jcademy Founder

Stuart Jay Raj is an author, public speaker, cross-cultural business strategist, facilitator and linguist with fluency ranging from competent to native in over 15 languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Sanskrit, Danish and other languages predominantly across Southeast Asia. Beginning his facilitation career almost 20 years ago as a Dale Carnegie facilitator, Stuart has since established his own brand of facilitating business across Asia, fusing his cultural and linguistic knowledge with solid people skills and localised business know-how, helping both individuals and organisations to be their best wherever they are. He has developed industry specific knowledge and skills with government / non-government agencies and multinational corporations spanning across several domains - in particular Aerospace, Cyber-Security, Human-Trafficking / People Smuggling, Modern-Trade and Energy, where he works on the ground across Asia, assisting parties from both West and East with mutual interests to overcome differences and negotiate internally and externally for success. Stuart is the author of the best-selling book ‘Cracking Thai Fundamentals - Installing a Thai Operating System for your mind’, and has presented TEDx talks across the region in English and Mandarin, has hosted a TV show on Thailand’s Channel 5, trained simultaneous interpreters across the region and was for several years on the international Miss Universe Interpreting team.