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    1. Current Zoom Meeting Link

    1. Zoom - How to Train your Brain like a Machine Learning Algorithm

    1. Zoom - How Chinese Characters 漢字 Work

    1. Sanskrit Prefixes, Roots and Soundshifts in Thai, Indonesian and More PLUS Intro to Vietnamese Chunom and Chinese Roots

    1. 20211113 Zoom | Thai Indonesian - Hundreds of Common Words - Sanskrit, Javanese, Balinese Scripts

    1. 20211106 Zoom | 4000 Super Useful Thai Sentences - Mass Language Data Processing and Learning

About this course

  • 19 lessons
  • 27 hours of video content


Stuart Jay Raj

Jcademy Founder

Stuart Jay Raj is an author, public speaker, cross-cultural business strategist, facilitator and linguist with fluency ranging from competent to native in over 15 languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Sanskrit, Danish and other languages predominantly across Southeast Asia. Beginning his facilitation career almost 20 years ago as a Dale Carnegie facilitator, Stuart has since established his own brand of facilitating business across Asia, fusing his cultural and linguistic knowledge with solid people skills and localised business know-how, helping both individuals and organisations to be their best wherever they are. He has developed industry specific knowledge and skills with government / non-government agencies and multinational corporations spanning across several domains - in particular Aerospace, Cyber-Security, Human-Trafficking / People Smuggling, Modern-Trade and Energy, where he works on the ground across Asia, assisting parties from both West and East with mutual interests to overcome differences and negotiate internally and externally for success. Stuart is the author of the best-selling book ‘Cracking Thai Fundamentals - Installing a Thai Operating System for your mind’, and has presented TEDx talks across the region in English and Mandarin, has hosted a TV show on Thailand’s Channel 5, trained simultaneous interpreters across the region and was for several years on the international Miss Universe Interpreting team.

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