Course curriculum

  • 1
    Google Sheets Essentials for Language Learning
    • Google Sheets Essentials - Overview
    • Scraping and Processing Language Data from the Internet
    • Building Language Learning Lists - Glossaries, Structures, Sentences
    • Working with CSV Files
    • Exporting Data To Other Tools
    • Adding functionality to our sheets with Google Apps Script
    • Creating Ruby Tag Multilingual Texts in Google Sheets
  • 2
    HTML and CSS Basics for Life
    • HTML and CSS in everyday life
  • 3
    Markdown - How to Write Efficiently
    • Markdown - a Writer's Solution
  • 4
    How to Make a Bootable Linux USB
    • Making a Temporary Bootable Linux USB Stick
    • Setting up Persistent Memory on a USB Bootable Linux Stick
    • Creating a FULL Linux Installation on a portable USB Stick or Portable Harddrive
  • 5
    How to Install Linux on Your Laptop
    • How to Install Linux on your Main Computer - and Dual Boot with its existing operating system.
  • 6
    Terminal for Beginners
    • Introduction to the Terminal - Windows, OSX, Linux by Stu
    • What is the 'Terminal' ?- Linux, OSX, Windows
    • Setting up Z-shell (zsh) - An alternative to BASH
    • Basic Terminal Commands
    • Manipulating Text and Data using SED, AWK, CUT and GREP
    • Terminal Apps to Replace Your Current GUI Apps - And Work Faster
  • 7
    Introduction to VIM - The Most Powerful Text Editor for Everyone
    • What is VIM?
    • VIMTUTOR - getting VIM into your Muscles
    • Understanding your VIM configuration and plugins - .vimrc and init.vim files
  • 8
    Creating your Own Knowledge Base with VIMWIKI
    • What is Vimwiki?
    • Using Markdown in Vimwiki
    • Turning your Vimwiki into a browsable webpage (HTML)
    • Making your HTML Vimwiki version public / browsable on the internet
  • 9
    Synchronising and Tracking your Resources with GIT
    • What is GIT?
    • Setting up a GIT Repository
    • GIT Essentials - Adds, commits, push, pull and fetch
  • 10
    Regular Expressions (REGEX) - Developing Superpowers with Text
    • What are Regular Expressions and why are they Important?
  • 11
    Primeagen VIM Beginner Tutorial - MUST LEARN
    • Vim As Your Editor (1/6): The Basic Vim Movements
    • Vim As Your Editor (2/6): Foundation for Speed
    • Vim As Your Editor (3/6): Horizontal Speed
    • Vim As Your Editor (4/6): Vertical Domination
    • Vim As Your Editor (5/6): Going Full Vim - File Movements, Buffers, Splits
    • Vim As Your Editor (6/6): Vim Long and Prosper