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    1. Zoom Session - What does it Take to Learn a Language - 3 days in Vietnam

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    1. Zoom Session - Music - A Language for the Mind and Soul

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    1. Could Thai Develop a Romanisation System and Use it Like Vietnamese?

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    1. Zoom Session - Tones And Writing - Thai Vietnamese and Chinese Romanisation using Vietnamese Tone Symbols

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    3. Youtube Part 1 - Vowels | Could Thai ไทย use a Romanisation Script System like Vietnamese Quốc ngữ?

    4. Youtube - Part 2 Using Vietnamese Chữ Quốc Ngữ Tone Markers for Thai ไทย Romanisation?

    5. Youtube Part 3 - MIND BLOWN! Thai ไทย-Vietnamese Việt-Chinese 中 Tones, Consonant, Vowel ONE Romanised Writing System

    1. Zoom Session - Cantonese Jyutping, Yale vs. Pinyin Romanisation - Vs. Vietnamese Vs. Abugida

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