Course curriculum

  • 1
    Asian Languages (General)
    • How to Pronounce Initial 'Ng' in Asian Languages
    • Mastering Tones in Thai Chinese and other Tonal Languages
    • Two Vowels Aren't Necessarily Better than One
    • Mind Your End Doesn't Explode - Killing Your Western Final Aspirations
    • Blonde Surfer Kid from Hawaii Speaking Perfect Thai and Mandarin with Stu Jay Raj
    • Chinese with Glossika's Mike Campbell and Stuart Jay Raj
  • 2
    Language Learning (General)
    • Crazy Indian and Kiwi with Sheep
    • Not All Ds Were Created Equal - Chinese Vietnamese Spanish Thai English
    • Revealing Stuart Jay Raj's Deepest Secrets ... Welcome to My Library
    • Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllanty - Stuart Jay Raj challenged to put IPA to the Test
    • Up Your Nose with a Rubber Hose
    • Be of Sound Mind - Locking Your Muscles into New Sounds
    • The Korean 한글 Han-gul Indian Connection and My Personal Language Learning Operating System
    • Language Reveals Another World Hidden in Plain View - Same Sign Different Message with Stu Jay Raj
    • TEDx Talk Commentary ‘Installing A Linguistic Operating System for Your Mind’
  • 3
    Language of Music
    • Morse Code Sign Language Alphabet Song - Subliminal Simultaneous Learning
    • Playing Musical Instruments Simultaneously - Same Principles as Multiple Languages
    • The Link Between Music, Improvisation and Language by Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj
  • 4
    • 5 Year Old Polyglot Alice and Stu Jay Raj Speak Thai, Chinese, Russian, English
    • เจาะใจ Joh Jai Interviews Stu Jay Raj - Part 1 - The Multilingual Demonstration that Started it All Speaking 15 Languages
    • เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 2 - Multilingual Demo
    • เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 3 - Dreaming Dictionaries
    • เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 4 - Thinking in Meanings
    • เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 5 - Hearing in Colours
    • Polyglot Stu Jay Raj - Multilingual Presentation Part 1
    • Polyglot Stu Jay Raj Multilingual Presentation Part 2
    • Christophe Clugston's Polyglot Language Review of Stuart Jay Raj
  • 5
    Pronunciation and Fluency
    • Evading the Foreigner Speak Trap when Learning a Language - Stuart Jay Raj
    • What the 'L - Why Do Many Asian Lang. Speakers Confuse R and L?
    • Mapping the Mouth and IPA - A Secret Weapon When Learning a New Language by Stuart Jay Raj
    • Check Out the R's on That!
    • Spy Vs Pie - How to 'P' Correctly
    • Mouth Exercises for a Cunning Linguist
    • Te Quiero Mucho Aspiración
    • How to Turn Your Voice On and Off
  • 6
    China / Chinese Languages
    • Stu Jay Raj TEDx ‘Leveraging the Chinese Language Operating System to Learn Other Languages’ 王懷樂
    • Chinese Story of 聽 tīng - Compacting Meanings Introduction by Stuart Jay Raj
  • 7
    Indic Languages
    • 8 Language Transitions of the 'L' sound - Sanskrit Korean Thai Khmer Panjabi and more
  • 8
    Indonesia / Malay Languages
    • Lesson in Bahasa Sunda from one of my People Smuggling Journeys - Stuart Jay Raj
    • Help Preserve Javanese, Balinese and other Bahasa Daerah Indonesia - Hanacaraka