Course curriculum

    1. How to Pronounce Initial 'Ng' in Asian Languages

    2. Mastering Tones in Thai Chinese and other Tonal Languages

    3. Two Vowels Aren't Necessarily Better than One

    4. Mind Your End Doesn't Explode - Killing Your Western Final Aspirations

    5. Blonde Surfer Kid from Hawaii Speaking Perfect Thai and Mandarin with Stu Jay Raj

    6. Chinese with Glossika's Mike Campbell and Stuart Jay Raj

    1. Crazy Indian and Kiwi with Sheep

    2. Not All Ds Were Created Equal - Chinese Vietnamese Spanish Thai English

    3. Revealing Stuart Jay Raj's Deepest Secrets ... Welcome to My Library

    4. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllanty - Stuart Jay Raj challenged to put IPA to the Test

    5. Up Your Nose with a Rubber Hose

    6. Be of Sound Mind - Locking Your Muscles into New Sounds

    7. The Korean 한글 Han-gul Indian Connection and My Personal Language Learning Operating System

    8. Language Reveals Another World Hidden in Plain View - Same Sign Different Message with Stu Jay Raj

    9. TEDx Talk Commentary ‘Installing A Linguistic Operating System for Your Mind’

    1. Morse Code Sign Language Alphabet Song - Subliminal Simultaneous Learning

    2. Playing Musical Instruments Simultaneously - Same Principles as Multiple Languages

    3. The Link Between Music, Improvisation and Language by Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj

    1. 5 Year Old Polyglot Alice and Stu Jay Raj Speak Thai, Chinese, Russian, English

    2. เจาะใจ Joh Jai Interviews Stu Jay Raj - Part 1 - The Multilingual Demonstration that Started it All Speaking 15 Languages

    3. เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 2 - Multilingual Demo

    4. เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 3 - Dreaming Dictionaries

    5. เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 4 - Thinking in Meanings

    6. เจาะใจ Joh Jai Multilingual Appearance Part 5 - Hearing in Colours

    7. Polyglot Stu Jay Raj - Multilingual Presentation Part 1

    8. Polyglot Stu Jay Raj Multilingual Presentation Part 2

    9. Christophe Clugston's Polyglot Language Review of Stuart Jay Raj

    1. Evading the Foreigner Speak Trap when Learning a Language - Stuart Jay Raj

    2. What the 'L - Why Do Many Asian Lang. Speakers Confuse R and L?

    3. Mapping the Mouth and IPA - A Secret Weapon When Learning a New Language by Stuart Jay Raj

    4. Check Out the R's on That!

    5. Spy Vs Pie - How to 'P' Correctly

    6. Mouth Exercises for a Cunning Linguist

    7. Te Quiero Mucho Aspiración

    8. How to Turn Your Voice On and Off

    1. Stu Jay Raj TEDx ‘Leveraging the Chinese Language Operating System to Learn Other Languages’ 王懷樂

    2. Chinese Story of 聽 tīng - Compacting Meanings Introduction by Stuart Jay Raj

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