Course curriculum

    1. E-C001 Culture: 'สวัสดี' The True Meaning of Sawatdee 卐 卍

    2. E-C002 Culture: Chinese New Year in Thai

    3. E-C003 Culture: คุณ 'Khun' Does Not mean 'YOU' in Thai

    4. E-C004 Culture: Playing Card Suits in Thai ♠♥♦♣

    5. E-C005 Culture: Playing Shares 'แชร์' and Thai Credit

    6. E-C006 Culture: Thai Names Part 1 - The 3 Names of Every Thai

    7. E-C007 Culture: Thai Names Part 2 - The Changeable First Name

    8. E-C008 Culture: Thai Names Part 3 - One Family Name - One Blood Line

    9. E-C009 Culture: Thai Names Part 4 - The One Syllable Nickname

    10. E-C010 Culture: Bargaining Like a Thai

    11. E-C012 Culture: Weights and Measures Not Like in West - Buying Food Like a Thai

    12. E-C013 Culture: Thai Time - The 6 Hour Clock

    13. E-C014 Culture: Thai Time - 6am to Noon

    14. E-C015 Culture: How to Get the Thai Price for Something 💰💰💰

    15. E-C016 Culture: Thai Time - Midnight to 6am

    16. E-C017 Culture: Thai Time - Noon to 6pm

    17. E-C018 Culture: Thai Time - 6pm to Midnight

    18. E-C019 Culture: Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    19. E-C020 Culture: That Stinks!

    20. E-C021 Culture: Thai Food Categories กับ kap Vs. ข้าว Khao

    21. E-C022 Culture: 'Teacher' ครู Khru Vs. อาจารย์ Ajarn - What's the Difference?

    22. E-C023 Culture: Thai Riddles - R÷J 薺 And More

    23. E-C024 Culture: Dancing in Thai

    24. E-C025 Culture: ด่า Da Vs. ว่า Wa - Telling Somebody Off in Thai

    25. E-C026 Culture: 'You are Fat!' and other Warm Thai Greetings

    26. E-C027 Culture: Marriage and 'Sin Sod' Dowries

    27. E-C028 Culture: Vegetarian Vs. Vegan in Thai

    1. E-S001 Pronunciation: Taking Control of Tones and Your Throat

    2. E-S002 Pronunciation: คว kw becomes ฟ f - Regional vs. Standard Thai

    3. E-S003 Pronunciation: IPA and Transliteration Put to the Test

    4. E-S004 Pronunciation: Why does 'R' sound like 'L'?

    5. E-S005 Pronunciation: 'Ratchatewi' or 'Ratthewi' - To Insert 'A' or Not

    6. E-S006 Pronunciation: น้ำ 'Ná:m' The Irregular Pronunciation of Water

    7. E-S007 Pronunciation: Pronunciation Shortcuts in Thai

    8. E-S008 Pronunciation: Different Spelling but Same Sound

    9. E-S009 Pronunciation: There's no such sound as 'g' or 'j' in Thai

    10. E-S010 Pronunciation: แสม 'Samae' is not pronounced 'Saem'

    11. E-S011 Pronunciation: ป = 'p' or 'bp'?

    12. E-S012 Pronunciation: Pronunciation Shortcuts Becoming Standard in Thai

    13. E-S013 Speaking: How to say 'Probably' in Thai

    14. E-S014 Speaking: Using the Particle ตั้ง tâŋ for Emphasis

    15. E-S015 Speaking: How Roman Letters can Sabotage your Thai

    16. E-S016 Speaking: 21 vs. 27 vs. 28 How to Avoid Confused Looks When Saying These

    17. E-S017 Speaking: เม้าท์ Mouth - English Words with New Meanings in Thai

    18. E-S018 Speaking: เวอร์ Over - English Words with New Meanings in Thai

    19. E-S019 Speaking: อิน In - English Words with New Meanings in Thai

    20. E-S020 Speaking: เบลอร์ Blur - English Words with New Meanings in Thai

    21. E-S021 Speaking: อั๊ป Up - English Words with New Meanings in Thai

    22. E-S022 Speaking: เคลียร์ - English Words with New Meanings in Thai

    23. E-S023 Speaking: Cues that Tell you your Thai is Really Getting Better

    24. E-S024 Speaking: Using แก่ kæ̀ as a Directional Particle

    1. E-M001 Meanings: Colour Rhymes

    2. E-M002 Meanings: Word Duplication to Make You Sound 'Thai Thai' ไท๊ยไทย

    3. E-M003 Meanings: The สุ Su Prefix

    4. E-M004 Meanings: Fat อ้วน Uan Vs. Fat ไขมัน Khai man -

    5. E-M005 Meanings: Basic Shapes in Thai

    6. E-M006 Meanings: Navigating Intersections in Thai

    7. E-M007 Meanings: How to Say 'Etc.' in Thai

    8. E-M008 Meanings: The นิ Ni Prefix

    9. E-M009 Meanings: ติด 'tit' The Multiple Meanings of 'Tit' in Thai

    10. E-M010 Meanings: Four Wai's Part 1 ไว้ ไหว ไว ไหว้

    11. E-M011 Meanings: Four Wai's Part 2 ไหว wǎi

    12. E-M012 Meanings: Four Wai's Part 3 ไว wai

    13. E-M013 Meanings: Four Wai's Part 4 ไหว้ wâi 🙏

    14. E-M014 Meanings: The ทุ Thu Prefix

    15. E-M015 Meanings: The อว Awa Prefix

    16. E-M016 Meanings: The อนุ Anu Prefix

    17. E-M017 Meanings: How to say WHY Like a Thai (Part 1)

    18. E-M018 Meanings: How to say WHY Like a Thai (Part 2)

    19. E-M019 Meanings: How to say WHY Like a Thai (Part 3)

    20. E-M020 Meanings: How to say WHY Like a Thai (Part 4)

    1. E-G001 Grammar: Who What When How and Why in Thai

    2. E-G002 Grammar: รักษา Raksa - To Protect and Preserve

    3. E-G003 Grammar: Which Letters Should I Put the Tone Markers Over?

    4. E-G004 Grammar: Essential Sanskrit Numbers in Everyday Thai

    5. E-G005 Grammar: Sanskrit 0 शून्य-śūnya ศูนย์ Su:n In Everyday Thai

    6. E-G006 Grammar: Why Are the 3 Consonant Classes Called High, Mid and Low?

    7. E-G007 Grammar: Sanskrit -1 एक-eka เอก èk in Everyday Thai

    8. E-G008 Grammar: Sanksrit 2 द्वि-dv ทวี tʰá-wi in Everyday Thai

    9. E-G009 Grammar: Sanksrit 3 त्रि-trí ตรี ไตร tri-trai in Everyday Thai

    10. E-G010 Grammar: Sanskrit 4 चतुर्-catur-จตุ catù in Everyday Thai

    11. E-G011 Grammar: Sanskrit 5 पञ्च-pañca เบญจ ben-cà (Benja) in Everyday Thai

    12. E-G012 Grammar: Sanskrit 6 छठ Chatta ฉ cha in Everyday Thai

    13. E-G013 Grammar: Sanskrit 7 सप्त Sapt สัปด Sapd in Everyday Thai

    14. E-G014 Grammar: Sanskrit 8-अश्ठ Ast อัษฎ asatha in Everyday Thai

    15. E-G015 Grammar: Sanskrit नव nava นว nawa in Everyday Thai

    16. E-G016 Grammar: Sanskrit 10 दश-daś ทศ tʰót-sà in Everyday Thai

    17. E-G017 Grammar: Sanskrit 1st प्रथम-Prathama ประถม prà-tʰŏm in Everyday Thai

    1. E-N001 Classifiers: อัน An

    2. E-N002 Classifiers: คน Khon

    3. E-N003 Classifiers: 'คน' khon - 'Me too!' ไปด้วยคน 'Pai Duai Khon'

    4. E-N004 Classifiers: ลูก Lu:k

    5. E-N005 Classifiers: ตัว Tua

    1. E-W001 Writing: How to Develop an Adult Style of Thai Handwriting Part 1

    2. E-W002 Writing: How to Develop an Adult Style of Thai Handwriting Part 2

    3. E-W003 Writing: How to Develop an Adult Style of Thai Handwriting Part 3

    4. E-W004 Writing: How to Develop an Adult Style of Thai Handwriting Part 4

    5. E-W005 Writing: Why Does ญ (yɔ: pʰu yiŋ) Have 2 Different Sounds?

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