Course curriculum

  • 1
    • How to Say Me Too in a Very Thai Way
    • Getting น้อย Noí and หน่อย Noì Right Once and For All
    • Hey You!, Hey You! - Wanna Buy a Sexy DVD Mister? - คุณ Khun does NOT mean YOU
    • How to Correctly Use the Thai Spoken Particle นะ 'Na'
    • How to Fall in Love Thai Style
    • How to Use Thai Particles มั่ง Mâng มั้ง Máng and แม่ง Mâeng Properly
    • ต่อ tɔ̀: with vector words ไป pai and มา ma:
    • Mastering the use of การ kan and ความ khwam to Expand Your Thai Vocab
    • Not Just You and Me - Getting past Khun คุณ Phom ผม and ดิฉัน DiChan in Thai
    • Thai Bites - Word Duplication to make you sound ไท้ยไทย Thai Thai
    • Say WHY Like a Thai
    • There is no such word as 'Yes' in Thai
    • Thai Bites: Why Does 'R' Sound Like 'L' in Thai?
  • 2
    • A Concise Summary of All the Thai Consonants
    • CTF Thai Alphabet Cheat Sheet - Why does ญ have two pronunciations?
    • Non Aspirated p ป t ต c จ k ก mouth exercise
    • Thai Bites - Why Are the 3 Consonant Classes Called High, Mid and Low?
    • What's the Best Order to Learn the Thai Consonants?
    • ข-ฃ ค-ฅ ช-ซ ฎ-ฏ บ-ป ผ-ฝ พ-ฟ CTF Thai Letter Cheat Sheet - Understanding the 'Cousins'
  • 3
    Speech and Pronunciation
    • Thai Bites - Pronunciation Shortcuts Becoming Standard Speech
    • Thai Bites - Taking Control of Tones and Your Throat by Counting in Thai
    • There's No Such Sound as G in Thai
  • 4
    Thai Language Learning Hints and Tricks
    • Mistakes People Make When Learning a Language
    • How to Install a Thai Linguistic and Cultural Operating System For Your Mind
    • Getting into the Right Mindset to Learn a Language- Floobenflahter Analogy
    • Thai Bites Extended Edition - Transliterating Thai using IPA
    • Tinglish into English with Stuart Jay Raj - Speaking more like a native speaker of English
  • 5
    South By Southeast Cross Cultural Podcast
    • Busting the Myths About Cross Cultural Relationships - Wimintra and Stu Jay Raj
    • How Important is 'Accent' when Speaking English - or Any Other Language? Wimintra and Stu Jay Raj
    • Do Asian Schools Teach Kids to Think? - Wimintra and Stu Jay Raj South by SouthEast
    • Make-Up or No Make-up - and Bad Eyebrow Tattoos ... A Cultural Thing?
    • Ghosts Fortune Tellers Feng Shui 風水 and Buddhism -DO YOU BELIEVE? With Stu Jay Raj and Wimintra
    • Sincere or Skin Deep? Superior Asian Family Values and Respect for Elders - Stu Jay Raj and Wimintra
    • What are 5 Words that describe ‘YOU’? What is your personal ‘Brand’? Stu Jay Raj and Wimintra
  • 6
    Thai Culture
    • Thai Bites - สวัสดี 卍 The True Meaning of Sawatdee
    • The Whitening of Asia - Racist Thai TV Commercials that will make your Jaw drop - Eng Subs
    • Polyglot Mayor of Gold Coast Australia Tom Tate presents in Thai - Asia We're Open for Business
  • 7
    CTF Book and Excerpts
    • What is Cracking Thai Fundamentals?
    • 16 Years of Work Has Just Arrived - Unwrapping the very first CTF Book printed
  • 8
    • CTF Learning Thai - Tones and Consonants - The Final Pieces to the Puzzle
    • Mastering Tones in Thai and other Tonal Languages
  • 9
    • Cracking Thai Fundamentals with Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj - Vowel Handsigns 1of 2
    • Cracking Thai Fundamentals with Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj - Vowel Handsigns 2 of 2
  • 10
    Training Events
    • 6 Months to Thai Fluency - Paul Garrigan Week One - Thai Bites by Stu Jay Raj
    • Cracking Thai Challenge Language Progress Meet-Up 20 Feb 2014
    • Cracking Thai Fundamentals - Hidden Camera during 2 Day Bangkok Workshop with Stuart Jay Raj
    • Cracking Thai Fundamentals Business Bootcamp by Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj
    • Cracking Thai Fundamentals Challenge 2014 Catch Up Meeting Live with Stuart Jay Raj
    • Cracking Thai Fundamentals Challenge Catchup Meeting
    • Jcademy Cracking Thai Fundamentals Challenge 2014
    • Learn Thai Challenge: Masterclass with Stu Jay Raj - Olly Richards and Jan Van Der Aa
    • What Should I Call You?' - Tinglish into Service English Webinar with Stuart Jay Raj
  • 11
    • Thai Bites E7 Writing - Develop an Adult Thai Handwriting Style Part 1 with Stuart Jay Raj